Philips Zoom NiteWhite ®

Philips Zoom NiteWhite ®

Whether you want a confidence boost or to look your best for a specific occasion, whitening remains the most-requested cosmetic dental procedure. Today, we know you desire whitening options that fit your lifestyle and fast results with little or no discomfort. You want whitening that makes your special moments even brighter, giving you the confidence to truly smile. 

With Philips Zoom NiteWhite take-home whitening treatments, it is easier than ever to achieve a noticeably whiter smile in just seven days. Philips Zoom is the only whitening system that uses ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) to deliver the gentle experience and whiter results you want as well as the effectiveness you value. You will discover the confidence a brighter smile provides, with a safe and powerful formula.

Philips Zoom NiteWhite will provide the most dramatic results for a healthy, white smile with convenient wear overnight. NiteWhite delivers maximum results for patients who don't mind a longer wear time or prefer whitening while they are sleeping.

Philips Zoom is the only professional take-home whitening system with the power of three, including, ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), potassium nitrate and fluoride. As this unique formula whitens, it also delivers enamel protection, reduces sensitivity and helps improve luster. Whitening with ACP means greater comfort and better results. 

To use NiteWhite, simply load the gel into the custom-made trays and apply to the teeth for 2-4 hours daily, or overnight. When the desired time expires, remove the trays and rinse the mouth. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the trays after every application.

Here are some advantages of the NiteWhite System:
•Cost effective
•Custom-fitted trays
•Pleasant Flavors in a viscous gel
•2.4 ml dual-barrel syringes
•No refrigeration
•Wear time: Overnight or 2-4 hours daily
•Optimum results within two weeks 
•Teeth whitened by as many as 14 shades
•Unchanged structure of teeth
If you have any questions about NiteWhite, please ask your dentist.


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